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Ubud Bike Tour

Bali electric bike tour, cyling arround Ubud

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Enjoying the other exotic life of Bali surely is an interesting activities we can do. The most popular trip offered now is biking around the Ubud to see the exciting natural panorama there by using ebikes Bali (electric bicycle provided in Bali). Some rentals are available to rent their electric bicycles in store and also through websites. Here, we are going to show you some stunning bicycle rentals for you to compare.

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Ubud bike tour

If you search by typing “ebikesbali” in search engine, you will see this website appear for you. This website provides the service in renting the electric bikes. The store is located on Pertulu, Ubud. This rentals got excellent score from the well-known travel provider, TripAdvisor. Ebikes Bali provides the trip by visiting UNESCO heritage site in Tegalalang Trice Terrace and ended by having pleasant lunch or dinner.
Tegalang cycling tour

Ebikes tours is located at Bisma 53 Street, Ubud. This rental provide about three hours trip by visiting little villages using ebikes. As other rentals, this will guide you to Tegalalang rice terrace to take pleasure the green panorama of Bali. They provide two trips in 9 am and 2 pm, you may choose one of it.
Tegalang rice terrace

Another bicycle rental is Green Bikes Bali. It is located in Jatiluwih, Bali. This rentals provide the rent of electric bicycle, raincoat and helmet, mineral water, tour guide, and face towel when you finish the trip. Green Bikes Bali gives insurance for the tourists for age 14 to 64 years old. This may be your consideration in choosing the best rental for you to trip using bicycle.

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